Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Still Kickin' It!

 April 9, 2024

   Would you take a gander at this!

The Goal of An Artist 

    Matisse, old and bedridden but still painting—on the wall—for heaven's sake!

Until you pry my paintbrush, from my cold,

dead fingers!

Perfect Teases:

   Here are a few sneak peeks at the forthcoming second volume of The 66 Kids:

The Life of A 66 Cowboy: Danny Romero

   He partied and cowboyed from Oatman to Winona and other than losing his leg, he has no regrets. Hell, he doesn't even regret that!

Ben Burch and Danny Romero
in the Black Cat Bar

The Battle of Perfume Pass

   Where Commie Surfers met Mucous Cowboys in a dangerous confrontation that, to this day, still stinks to high heaven.

Mr. Zips

   Just down the street from the Der Wienerschnitzel in Flagstaff where Jackson Browne spied a girl in a Datsun while hitchhiking in 1970, and then later, when Jackson couldn't come up with a second verse, Glenn Frey, of the Eagles added the line, "it's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford," and the rest is pop history.

And, yes, Glenn moved the action to Winslow.

Lucille, Don't You Do Your Daddy Wrong!

The Beehive
   A legendary cafe, hairdo and meeting place. The owner, Lucille Banegas served up the best coffee and dished the best lip in two counties. The Kingman cowboys were crazy about her and so was every trucker on Route 66. Her hashbrowns were to die for.

"A perfect day is the open road at sunrise, discovering a little diner where the coffee is hot and the pie is fresh, and closing it out with a cold beer and lively conversation with old friends."
—Jim Hinckley, quoted in The 66 Kids, Volume II, going to the printer next week

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