Sunday, April 14, 2024

When Static Was The Only Sound On The Radio

 April 14, 2024

   With all of us connected 24/7 it's sometimes hard to remember that it wasn't all that long ago when there were sections of Arizona that were out of range.

When Static Was The Only Sound On The Radio

   After WWII, on long stretches of Route 66, radio and music were simply out of reach. When you were on the road you mostly got static and distant livestock reports and sometimes as you got closer to a town you might pick up a high-pitched hillbilly song and country fiddles going in and out. 

The Arizona Wranglers

   In the late fifties, things began to change and a distant rumble, like a coming storm, could be heard on the Mother Road.

Passing Lane Fever on old 66

Daily Whip Out: "Link Wray's 'Rumble'"

Not to overstate it, but Link changed everything.

Here's How Marshall Saw It

"Hell, I was just a kid working after school at Fred Fegley’s gas station during the glorious heydays of Route 66, filling the gas tanks of the tourists listening to them complain about the high price of gas (31.9) a gallon, never realizing I was an eyewitness to an important chapter in America’s rich history." 

—Marshall Trimble

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