Thursday, April 11, 2024

The Black Cat Swerve

 April 11, 2024

   Here's someone you are going to meet and admire in the next volume of The 66 Kids.

The Black Cat Cowboy

   He grew up in Kingman, then cowboyed from Oatman to Winona (don't forget Flagstaff!)

Cowboy Danny Romero on A Snow Day

The Black Cat Swerve

   As the story goes, one of the only times Route 66 swerves going thru a town is when the road builders came to a full blown party going on in downtown Seligman and when they tried to run a straight survey line , the cowboys from the Black Cat Bar said, firmly, "Can't you see we're dancing here, go around." And, so the road jogs to the south to go around the Black Cat dancers and has become known as the Black Cat Swerve.

The Black Cat Swerve, 1930s

The Black Cat Swerve Then And Now

   Yes, the Black Cat Bar in Seligman is a storied and classic cowboy honkytonk and one of the musicians who has kept it rockin' is Danny Romero.

Black Cat Cowboys Climbing

The Black Cat Sign

   You'll read more of Danny's incredible story in the book.

   Remember who checks up on you when you get a little quiet. Those are your people.

On The Other Hand

   In the "Good friends call you on your BS, then go on listening to your BS" department: I asked The Top Secret Writer for a quote on the new book and here is what he came up with.

"Only Bob Boze Bell would dare update a memoir. This is the price you pay for living too long. But it's a great ride to accompany him on."

—Paul Andrew Hutton

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  1. Daryl Drake5:11 PM

    Seligman was where my father taught me to drive 23 MPH in small town 25 MPH zones and where he tested me at the Snow Cap.

    Remember when the Delgados' old '30's clown car still ran. I reckon the mustard still does.


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