Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Black Cat Cowboy Who Lost His Leg But Won The Girl

   April 18, 2024

   It's rare when horror stories have a happy ending. This is one of them.

Danny and Mary Romero

The Black Cat Cowboy

   Danny Romero is a Kingman kid who lost his leg, but won the girl. He was helping load 800 head of cattle on the Sevens, a storied ranch northeast of Seligman, Arizona, when he banged his knee on this loading chute.

The Loading Chute From Hell

   "I woke up ten days later looking up at a doctor who told me the infection—necrotizing fasciitis—was crawling up my leg an inch an hour. They took my leg and I was there for five weeks. In fact, I turned 36 in ICU. I was born on Route 66 and damn near died on 66."

—Danny Romero

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