Thursday, April 25, 2024

Blues Guy Spreads Joy, Comps Tickets

 April 25, 2024

   Got a call yesterday from this blues guy I know who was following up on getting one of my Billy the Kid books sent out to a desert recording studio in Tornillo, Texas where he was laying down some tracks. He went on to say he was playing in Prescott Valley that night and if I knew anybody who might want to see the show to give him the word. So I put in a request for Stuart Rosebrook, his wife Julie and his daughter Kristina (it was her birthday) and they went to the show and landed in the 14th row.

The Reverand W. F. Gibbons

(Photo by Stuart Rosebrook)

"Lord take me downtown, I'm just looking for some comp tickets."

—A Longtime Editor of True West

   What was it like growing up on a famous highway? Well, we had the fastest cars and the prettiest, beehived babes the world has ever seen.

Beehive Supreme

One guy who still loves a good beehive.

The 66 Kid

"Comedians are now held to this high standard. It's so weird. We're talking about serious subjects, and people go, 'I wonder what the clowns think? Has anyone asked the clowns about it?'"
—Neil Brennan, on his Netflix special Crazy Good

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