Sunday, April 28, 2024

Crosshatching to Glory & Billy the Kid at Midnight On The Deadliest Street In America

 April 28, 2024

   One of my favorite art techniques is crosshatching. It has been going in and out of style for a very long time, but it's still guaranteed to raise a smile. At least in some circles that I run in. In the Fine Art scene it is considered passe and not cool, but I still love it.

Daily Crosshatch Whip Out:
"The Unsinkable"

(as in Molly Brown, who did not go down

on the Titanic)

   Had some fun with a new pen this morning, which led to the crosshatching observations.

Daily Whip Out: "Crosshatching to Glory"

Old Hat

   Now, there's a name for a book on authentic & historic hats.

   Thanks to the Top Secret Writer who convinced me I needed to include this piece with the Ellis Store floorboard frame job.

Daily Reworked Whip Out:

"Billy at Midnight

On The Deadliest Street In America"

   Speaking of the Kid, Buckeye Blake called me to talk about his proposed shrine to Billy in Fort Sumner and we got to talking about someone who is giving him grief and he said, "Hell, he'd chop down the last tree in Lone Pine." Such a funny guy.

"There are two great things in this world, in my opinion. There are only two things that count—writing and performing. Everything else is just a pain."

—Jerry Seinfeld

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  1. Love that subtle placement of the torreon that's backlit by the moonlight.


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