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Link Wray Sways & Some Sample Song Lyrics for Jugs Iced Free

 April 6, 2024

   I never realized just how much influence Link Wray had on Rock 'N' Roll until I heard and saw Jimmy Page play Wray's signature instrumental with total reverence.

Jimmy Page Does Justice to "Rumble"

Daily Whip Out: "Link Wray Slays"

A Tune With "Profound Attitude"

   "Rumble" is is the only instrumental banned from the radio! And someone online described it as "short, loud and raw." It has also been pegged by some as the birth of heavy metal. Jimmy Page said it has "profound attitude." Amen.

Mix Praise

   "Stuart, the Tom Mix article you and BBB finished for your father (I wish I'd known him) and published in the March/April of TRUE WEST is the most informative and interesting piece on the Straight Shooting, Straight Riding, and Straight Driving (with one fatal exception) hero of some 400 B-Westerns I've ever read. The art accompanying the text is almost as interesting as the writing.

   "Together, such essays keep TRUE WEST on top of the stack of Western magazines in our country. No article since the one on The Lone Ranger and Bass Reeves has engaged me as much. Thank you from one Western fan to another."
—Dr. Jim Vickrey, professor emeritus
Montgomery, Alabama 

Some Sample Lyrics to "Jugs Iced Free"

We were out on the Mother Road, cruising for the West Coast

Heading for the promised land, gonna make a last stand

The dashboard's sizzling, radiator's fizzing  

all the windows down, the air is like a furnace

Dad is drivin' faster, tryin' to hide his grimace

the dog is close to heatstroke, the backseat is smokin'

mama spies the billboard, gives us the whoop sign

Saved by the Flying A, what else can we say

Jugs Iced Free, a lifesaver for humanity

Jugs Iced Free, saved from insanity.

Daddy's goin' bonkers, dodging all the honkers

Passing 20 semis, on narrow, scary roadways

two-lane blacktop shimmers on the horizon

heatwave highways and blisters on the dog's paws

But then Mama spied the road sign

And we were saved from calamity

Jugs Iced Free, we were all insanely happy.

Repeat, as needed.

"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth."

—Albert Camus

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