Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Is It Too Early To Start On Volume III?

 April 17, 2024

   What is it about cheesy that sometimes can be so satisfying? Or put another way, some stuff can be so cheesy it's actually kind of endearing.

First Class Cheese? Or, So Bad It's Good?

   Sometimes cheesy is way too close to awful and sometimes classic literature is awful close to cheesy.

   Bottom line: get ready for some major cheese in The 66 Kids, Volume III.

   So, what exactly is cheesy? Basically cheesy is bad taste done so boldly it almost passes as good taste.

   Can you use "cheesy" in a sentence? Yes, a cheesy smile is wide but not sincere.

   Can you show me an example of a cheesy, goofball look? 


The Stifleman?

   Can you show me a photo of a certain granddaughter doing a cheesy pose?


Frances Mocks Up Some Major Cheese

Can you show me two cheeseballs who don't even mind if you call them that?

Marshall & Me Tee Hee Hee

"Two kids who have grown older but have never grown up."

—Some Critic With A Cheesy Sense of Humor

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