Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Class Dismissed & New Billys Framed

 April 23. 2024

   Spoke via Zoom yesterday to an Ann King class of Art & Visual Communcation kids at Mohave County Community College. Mostly Kingman kids with some from Bullhead and Havasu. Always enjoy talking to eager young artists.

   Meanwhile, got a couple more Billy paintings framed for the upcoming art show in Lincoln. Can you spot them?

New Billys Framed (plus a Lovely Linda)

   Great interview with Jerry Seinfeld in the Hollywood Reporter. He was talking about his new film "Unfrosted" which will be released on Netflix next month. He talks about how the experience was new to him. "I thought I had done some cool stuff, but it was nothing like the way these people work. They're so dead serious! They don't have any idea that the movie business is over. They have no idea."

   Jerry goes on to say, "film doesn't occupy the pinnacle in the social, cultural hierarchy that it did for most of our lives. When a movie came  out, if it was good, we all went to see it. We all discussed it. We quoted lines and scenes we liked. Now we're walking through a fire hose of water, just trying to see."
   Had lunch at the Grotto today with two of my favorite long time employees today. We laughed and laughed about the good times and the bad. 

The Grotto Crew:
Sheri Riley Jenson and Rebecca Edwards

   Sheri has been with me for 16 years and Rebecca for 12. When it comes to being a good manager, I agree with David.

"We assume we are being judged on our competence, but mostly we are judged on our warmth. Ethical leaders communicate a joyfulness in what they do and attract followers in part by showing pleasure." 

—David Brooks

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