Saturday, April 27, 2024

Silver Lab, Silver Sky

 April 27, 2024

   Big storm rolled in last night around sunset.

Silver Lab, Silver Sky

Our neighbor, Tom Augherton, called us last night and told us to go outside to see the big storm rolling in from New River Mesa. Very dramatic sky juxtaposed with a thoughtful dog. Hmmmm. . .

It really rained hard. Blew a chair into the pool. Gushed and thundered for about a half hour, then let up, started again, petered out and stayed cool all night. We might have 48 hours more of this, then it's straight up summer heat for the next, oh, six or seven months. Wish I was kidding.

Sigh. I've been weathering this for seven decades and it never gets easier.

The Ellis Store Historic Wood Project

   The historic Ellis Store in Lincoln, New Mexico is being renovated and the new owner, Amy Gauthier, is going to fete myself and two other Billy the Kid artists with a big reopening art show on July 12. In the room where Billy the Kid allegedly stayed in the Ellis Store (1878), the floor needed to be replaced because of termite damage and she asked me if I wanted some of the salvageable wood for an art frame, or two. I said, "Boy, Howdy! Send it to me," which Amy did.

Strips of The Ellis Store wood Billy the Kid
actually walked on and the artwork it will frame.

   Interesting dynamic, yes?

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."

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