Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6, 2010
I usually mark up my hardcover books pretty good, making notes, marking quotes I like, for example in the Warren Beatty bio, Star, I just finished:

"Never underestimate the narcissism of a writer."
—Elia Kazan


"Sam Peckinpah is a prick, and Robert Altman is a c#nt!"
—George Litto, agent for both

"The straight roads are the roads of progress, the crooked roads are thee roads of genius."
—Robert Towne

"[Bonnie and Clyde] helped start the no-bra trend, because Faye [Dunaway] didn't wear a brassiere in the film. That's a contribution Warren made that nobody gives him credit for."
—Kenneth Hyams

"[Directing] is all detail, detail, detail. A hundred million, thousand billion details. When it's raining and your girlfriend. . .is saying, 'Why aren't you doing such and such?' and the person you are working with has to go home and return a call to his press agent, and lunch is being served, and the head of the union says, 'Well, you have to stay over there for another ten minutes because they have to have coffee,' and then the camera breaks down, and there is noise, a plane flying over, and this wasn't the location that you wanted. . .are you going to have the energy to devote to the detail of saying, 'That license plate is the wrong year'?"

—Warren Beatty

"Life is short, movies are written on water, you can't take them with you, the quality of your own life is the reality."

—Charlie Feldman

"'Perfectionist' is the scariest word on a studio lot."
—Peter Biskind

"Movies are never finished, they're abandoned."
—Dick Sylbert

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