Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trouble Rides A Fast Horse, Forgiveness Rides A Mule

March 12, 2017
   Thanks to Mark McDowell I got to go to a nearby home last night for a birthday party. Lots of Creekers in attendance:

Mark McDowell and Scott Allen, the sign painter
who did our True West World Headquarters sign.

 We were all treated to a concert by the musician and painter Tom Russell. The concert was in the living room so it was quite intimate. The dude can wrangle a lyric:

"Well it's three eggs up on whiskey toast and home fries on the side, you wash it down with the truckstop coffee, that burns up your inside."

Tom Russell, center, "on stage," flanked by Kit Carson (the soundman)
and Tom's Swiss wife

More Funky Fantastic Russell Lyrics:

When I'm too damn old to sit a horse, I'll steal the warden's car
Break my ass out of this prison, leave my teeth there in a jar
You don't need no teeth for kissin' gals or smokin' cheap cigars
I'll sleep with one eye open, 'neath God's celestial stars

It was a canyon, Colorado diner
A little waitress I did love
Well we sat in the back 'neath the old stuffed bear
And a worn out Navajo rug.

I slept through the Nineteen Sixties, I heard Dory Previn say
But me I caught me the great white bird, to the shores of Africay
Where I lost my adolescent heart, to the sound of a talking drum
Yeah, East of Woodstock, West of Vietnam

And this one got a standing ovation, from me:

"Racist, sexist, moved to Texas, passed a dozen worthless checks, killed three men and made it cross the border. . .his mother said he was a good kid when he was sober. . ."

   Tom has an art opening today at The Cattletrack Art Compound in Scottsdale and a concert tonight, which is sold out.

"Trouble rides a fast horse, forgiveness rides a mule."
—Tom Russell

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