Saturday, March 11, 2017

You Talkin' To Me Like You Know Me?

March 11, 2017
   There is a very funny Mexican comedian who we had on our radio show (Jones, Boze & Jeanne, Young Buck 105.9 FM) back in the nineties. He grew up in Tucson and had a funny bit where he channeled a Chica who runs into some white girls she actually knows, but only casually. On the mean streets of Tucson her challenge to them is hilarious: "You talkin' to me like you know me?" It's just so obtuse and ridiculous, yet accurate. This crazy, signature challenge has entered our family's lingo and we often drop this line as a greeting.

   Update: Okay, I emailed Jeanne Sedello and she remembered. The comedian's name is Pablo Francisco.

   Somehow, I channeled this sentiment to a mule. As you know, mules can be, well, surly and obstinate.

Daily Whip Out: "You Talkin' To Me Like You Know Me?"

"The art of creativity is remembering the line, but forgetting who said it."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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