Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Channeling My Inner Range Rider

March 1, 2017
   Last night I woke up at midnight with an idea for a possible mule painting. I ended up shooting some photo reference this morning utilizing my custom made Mike Guli Range Rider pullover and my custom made John Bianchi Apache Kid gun rig and an old flintlock rifle I bought at an antique store many moons ago. I then tapped my go-to-photographer (who hates doing this by the way).    Kathy, I mean, my professional photo assistant, shot off a dozen variations of this pose:

Buckskin Boze No. 4: Channeling My Inner Range Rider

Painting concept to follow.

   One of the benefits of the trend towards posting online photo archives is the availability of countless photos that in the past were buried in the files of various museums and archives. Thanks to Andy Sansom, who has been diligently scanning images from Mohave County and posting them online, I  saw this little gem of a photo today, which he graciously shared with me.

Bonelli Landing on The Colorado River
Photo courtesy of Andy Sansom and The Mohave Museum History and Arts

   Bonelli Landing is where Tap Duncan came into Mohave County from Idaho and his wagon train crossed on this ferry with all their horses and cattle along with one fugitive from the law, Tom "Blackjack" Ketchum.

"Tell the truth and run."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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