Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sandra Day Desert And Ray Manley Rocks

March 27, 2018
   The legendary Mundo Con Queso (the only super-surfer-cowboy I know on the planet) came out to the True West World Headquarters this morning and gifted me two Ray Manley photo books. Ray Manley (Mundo's uncle) along with Josef Muench, were the go-to guys at Arizona Highways, when I was growing up. Here's a taste of Ray's work:

A Classic Ray Manley Photograph of Window Rock

   Which inspired a scene from The Trickster With The Sidewinder Gaze. I'll post tomorrow. I also have a cartoon I did a couple years ago that was inspired by the following Ray Manley image:

Navajo Men Watching A Woman Work

And just who is this Mundo character. Well, wonder no more:

Mundo And Triple B

  And, finally, here's a layout board buried in my office, from the eighties that probably was intended for a Honkytonk Sue story. Yes, that is the first female Supreme Court Justice at top, right. 

"Sandra Day Desert"

"Without words, without writing and without books there would be no history, there would be no concept of history."
—Hermann Hess

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