Thursday, March 22, 2018

Surviving Wipeout

March 22, 2018
   It was ten years ago today I had my own personal wipeout, while playing a drum solo on "Wipeout." This happened at an Exits reunion at the rehearsal in the afternoon, before the show, which was to take place that night at the site of our very first gig, the Elks Hall in Kingman, Arizona. You couldn't make up anything more ridiculous: the band's name, the song I was playing, or, rock musicians knowing CPR. And, yes, the three heroes of the moment: Terry Mitchell, Wayne and Cody Rutschman, all had just received CPR training (what are the odds?) and when I collapsed with a heart attack, they each took turns and gave me CPR until the Kingman Fire Department (stationed directly across the street) arrived.

The Ill-fated Poster

And here are actual photos of the rehearsal and me playing "Wipeout" on my butt and doing the gator, moments before I collapsed. I have no memory of it.


   Thank you boys. All of you. And that includes Dr. Michael Ward at Kingman Regional.

   Four stents and two miracles later, I embarked on my afterlife journey. If I had died on that day (a doctor who saw my medical chart said if he didn't know the outcome he would give the patient a 1% chance of survival), I would have missed both my kid's weddings, the birth of three beautiful grandchildren and trips with Kathy to Paris, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Guatamala and Bolivia. Oh, and Thailand. To say I am thankful for the extra time on the planet is an understatement for which I cannot begin to fully understand or get over.

    Thanks for the extra innings.


  1. Outstanding outcome! And thanks to your miracles, we get to enjoy the fruits of your labors with True West. Thanks, Bob, and enjoy life!

  2. Yup, everyday is a gift. Even if you only spend it going for walks in the woods, drinking that first hot delicious cup of coffee in the morning, watching the waves on the beach, and getting to hug your loved ones...It's all so precious and especially when you know it can all be gone in an instant. Stay healthy my friend, I get the feeling you are far from done with this crazy world.

  3. God bless your friends who were able come to your aid, and God bless you. Keep enjoying Life.

  4. It's a thin line we walk, one we take for granted too many times. Glad you made it Bob. You've enriched the lives of many around you, many you don't even know.

  5. I can't think of a better reminder that, as others are saying, every day is a gift. Especially for a guy who has always lived life to the fullest. What a great anniversary to get to celebrate!

  6. Tom A.8:22 AM

    Bob, I am very glad you are still a fellow who is so down to earth.


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