Friday, August 10, 2018

Jaw Droppers & Random Renderings

August 10, 2018
   My son, Thomas Charles, wants to know where he got his jutting jaw and I told him it most likely came from this Norsky guy:

Carl Marvel Bell

   That is my farming grandfather on my father's side, from Thompson, Iowa, who I greatly admire.

Daily Whip Out: "Ojos Quest"

   I was going through my sketchbook and found this little gem:

   I was impressed with the Ed Borein art gallery at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum when I was attending the Hutton wedding a couple weeks ago. I did a couple sketches while I was there. The wedding was on the grounds and I had some time before it started.

   I have always loved the song "Peter Gunn," and that's where this sketch ended up.

Daily Whip Out: "Peter's Gun"

   I'm also still dealing with word balloons and how to do them effectively.

Daily Whip Out: Mexicali Balloons"

My sketchbooks are full of notes and excerpts from articles that inspire me, like this:

   This was very impactful. How? I'll show you tomorrow.

"We want to know what happens next."
—Adam Kirsch

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