Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Make No Mistake I Make Plenty of Mistakes

August 8, 2018
   Okay today is 8•8•18, that is kind of cool. 

   Frustrating day drawing today. made lots of mistakes and just couldn't get it where I wanted. It happens (see Ralph's quote, below). 

   So, to back up a bit, I drew a series of sketches a couple weeks ago, imagining what Ojos de Gringo would look like. I ended up here:

Ojos de Gringo Sketch #10

   Moving on from there, I had two problems: One, I needed the hat to model different angles, and two, I needed a good Mexican model.

   So, R.J. Preston solved the first problem and my neighbor Tom Augherton fixed the second problem. Tom sent over a friend of his named Ramido and the sugarloaf fit him perfectly.


Ramido Smiles

   From there I was off to the races.

"Ojos de Gringo And The Mexicali Stud"

"There is no such thing as a mistake. A mistake is an opportunity to do something else."
—Ralph Steadman

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