Thursday, August 16, 2018

Face Out vs. Face Down

August 16, 2018
   Back from Flagstaff, and back into the fireball. It wasn't all work and no play while we were there. I checked out all the local bookstores because I love books and because I want to check up on a certain magazine's rack position:


Face-out at a Flagstaff Bookstore

   Unfortunately, this is not where I found the magazine. When I walked into the bookstore, our rack position was here:

Original Rack Position

   Look at that! You can't even see the headline in the sweet spot.

   A day later, I walked into Bookman's next to the NAU campus and saw this:

Bookman's Triple Face Out!

   Bookman's is a used book store and they had three True West issues on the front rack (full disclosure: I spread them out for the effect).

   The end result is this. We live and die by the newsstand and when our magazines are hidden, we don't get seen and our sales go down. I need you to check your local newsstand and when you see us there, make sure we're in front!

   Thank you.

"Bite the bullet, old man, and don't let them think you are afraid."

—Rudyard Kipling, 1890

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