Sunday, August 05, 2018

Mexicali Mission, Peregrine Booty & Top Secret Kookiness

August 5, 2018
   Drove up to Prescott on Friday afternoon. By the time I got to Dewey, the temperature dropped from 103 to 73—30 degrees!—and it rained! Man, that was nice.

   Landed at Buckey O'Neill's Resort and ran into a happy Mexican in the parking lot.

A Happy Mexican

   On Saturday I went downtown and walked into the Peregrine Bookstore and immediately went to the magazine rack to see our position:

Peregrine Book Store Rack Position

   This made me so happy. Not only did they save the previous issue but they combined the last two issues, and placed them front and center. (okay, full disclosure: I moved the Wild West magazines to the back and put all of these in front) So, in appreciation, I bought up everything I needed to make solid decisions on the state of printed matter going forward.

$150 worth of Peregrine Booty

   Thus armed, on Saturday evening I joined the Prescott Westerner's Corral at the Prescott Centennial Hall for a speech by this guy:

The Top Secret Writer Cracks Up A Room
of History Nuts

   Drove home this morning and watched the temperature go the other way, from the high seventies to 104 in about 85 miles.

   Got inspired by some of the booty I brought home from the trip and applied it to a certain graphic novel project I am working on:

Daily Whip Out: "Mexicali Mission"

   I have big plans for the Mexicali Stud story. Talked at length with the Top Secret Writer about how to accomplish that. He had great advice.

"There is a great hunger in our culture for grand mythic narratives. They dramatize the spiritual truths and longings that shape our world."
—Adam Kirsch, in The Wall Street Journal

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