Friday, November 23, 2018

Artist Gone Wild

November 23, 2018
   I am noodling an idea about how to open the limited edition book I am producing for my Cattletrack opening in January. I want to deal directly with Olive Oatman's time among the Mojave. So I have been casting around for an opening scene. I was inspired by something I read by the director Steve McQueen: "Save the best for first. The opening scene should jar and jolt. I want your attention."

   Okay, here you go:

"Girl Gone Wild #1"

"Girl Gone Wild #2"

"Girl Gone Wild #3"

"Girl Gone Wild #4"

   The story starts in water and ends in water. How's that for a grabber?

"The beginning of a movie is never the beginning of a story. Scramble the narrative, especially in the first act."
—Steve McQueen

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