Sunday, November 25, 2018

Out of The Triple B Closet

November 25, 2018
   Cleaning out the closet today. Found some very groovy, wide rodeo ties my father gifted me when I was in high school (1965, ties date to 1940s). 

Out of the Triple B Closet

   Also found numerous BBB belt buckles and scorpion bolos (Best of Phoenix, New Times, 1986). That's the Bishop Mule Days Grand Marshal belt buckle 2017, at center. Mighty proud of that puppy. Here's a closer look:

BBB Gear Galore

  Yes, that's a rattlesnake skin belt buckle, at right. And here's an even closer look at the Bishop Mule Days belt buckle:

BBB Gear Up Close & Personal

"They went into my closet looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were multiple do-dads and belts with my initials on them."
—Old Kingman Saying

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  1. Mule Days ...
    That's a whole lot of love ...

    A story for another time
    A different place

    Cattletracks, perhaps ...

    Probably not.


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