Monday, November 19, 2018

Castle Hot Springs Part II

November 19, 2018
   Had a great weekend working on narrative sequences, like this one:

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"The Outcropping"

      Here's a couple more images from my trip, last week, out to the historic Castle Hot Springs:

Castle Hot Springs in its heyday.
The big building at right burned in 1976,
closing the resort for many years.
The new owners built casitas in that area.

   The new owners built casitas in that area and here is the view, looking the other way, last Thursday evening:

On the front porch of our casita
(#20) at sunrise

   The resort was built in 1896 and had many famous guests including John F. Kennedy in 1946. His father had sent him to the springs to recuperate after WWII. It was a long hike from the railhead, which stopped at Morristown, which was about 20 miles away and a long stage ride was the only way in for a long time.

The Castle Hot Springs Stage

   The new owners have refurbished the main building and added a swimming pool. It has a great, hidden away feeling.

The main Lodge at Castle Hot Springs

   They are having a soft opening in late December. Should be open in January. 

"It's okay not to know the reason for things."
—Alan Arkin


  1. Lucky dog that you got to stay there! I have driven by it quite a few times, and would love to stay there. But it is quite expensive - I've read it is $1000 to $1500 per night, with a 2 night minimum. Food is included, but still. If you stay on Castle Hot Springs road past the resort, it comes out eventually to Rt. 74 near Morristown. I believe that is the original stage route. It's dirt except for the last mile or so, but is a nice drive in cool weather like it is now. 4WD not needed, but a higher clearance vehicle would be a good idea with some of the rocky sections.

  2. I've driven the road since 1975, from the Lake Pleasant side, which only requires about 7 miles of dirt road, or the original, longer Morristown side. Either drive requires care, though 18 wheelers and Greyhound buses have done it hundreds of times.Much preferred to driving around the beltways or city roads in Phoenix or Scottsdale. This is the foothills of the Bradshaw Mtns and wants to be driven slowly and admired for the rich views, geology and stunning Sonoran flora.


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