Friday, November 16, 2018

Nobody Knows Anything

November 16, 2018
   Working on a tribute in our February issue of True West to this guy:

The Cowboy Who Wrote
The Best Rodeo Picture Ever

   The picture is "Junior Bonner" and the writer is Jeb Rosebrook.

Jeb Rosebrook at age 10 in 1946

   Jeb passed last August and he was a great friend (his son is our senior editor). Although Jeb knew a great deal about Prescott and cowboying and Hollywood and history, he agreed with a fellow screenwriter, who just passed:

“Nobody knows anything. Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work. Every time out it's a guess and, if you're lucky, an educated one.”
—William Goldman

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