Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Seeking New Narrative Structure & One Long Dumb Trip

November 21, 2018
   Working on more narrative structure:

Olive Narrative Structure #1

   Love that black-scratch wandering line, squirming from frame to frame. Need to retain that looseness but keep the story alive. Or, rather, make it track. Not easy.

Olive Narrative Structure #2

   My good friend and former art studio-mate, Ed Mell, has a son who is a blossoming screenwriter. Here is Carson Mell's latest:

A new road trip movie
co-written by Carson Mell

   There are some classic road trip scenes in here and nobody can do crazy BSers on a rant better than Carson. Watch for the Rolling Stones rant about half-way in. It's a classic. In fact, the daughter of a famous actress is in this scene and she is wonderful. Hint: her mother is on this 1986 list of my Top Ten Crushes (number 10):

   This cartoon is from my 1986 New Times Editorial Cartoons compilation, Even Lower Blows.

   I found a couple pristine copies of this book in mint condition recently and if you'd like one I'll give you the details on how to score one on Black Friday, which is fitting, since the humor is, ahem, pretty black.

"As a writer I believe that all the basic human truths are known. And what we try to do as best we can is come at those truths from our own unique angle, to re-illuminate those truths in a hopefully different way."
—William Goldman

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