Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Red Dead Redemption Roll Call

November 7, 2018
   In our staff meeting today, one of the youngsters was raving about Red Dead Redemption II and how cool it is to be in the game and how realistic it is (you have to feed your horse and skin game!). 

   Is anybody playing this video game? Sounds like fun, actually.

   Oh, and here are a couple stats, I got off a piece in the The Washington Post: "Given that Rockstar’s prior game 'Grand Theft Auto V' is the highest grossing media product in history and that 'RDR2’' enjoyed what Rockstar Games is touting as the most lucrative weekend take for any media product in history, with $725 million in sales, one should hope that the company will use its resources to better things for all of its employees and inspire the industry at large. With tremendous fortune comes tremendous responsibility, as they say."
"I'd rather be dead than red."
—Old Right-Wing Slogan

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