Sunday, April 26, 2020

Border Riders And The Secret to Good Storytelling

April 26, 2020
   Got a couple dozen paintings going at once. Amazing what can be done when one is able to stay in all the time. Here's one of them.

Daily Whip Out: "Border Chase"

  I was searching for the meaning of life and found these pictures instead:

Deena Horsin' Around
Deena Bell on Cleo (in Kingman at the Linns spread) and other mounted friends, including Maki Sato. The dog's name (middle, right) is Peaches and the rearing dude is Tex Ritter (found the publicity photo while looking for something else at the office).

   Meanwhile, here's what Tommy was doing while Deena was horsing around.

Thomas Charles with Cameron Douglas (Davy outift) and with Bill Glenn, under the lizard head.

   And, so, turns out one of the main secrets to good storytelling is withholding information.

"Anything is much more believable, if it happens in the past."
—Richard Lester

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