Friday, July 10, 2020

Billy the Kid's Stepfather's Outhouse

July 10, 2020
   In this time of extended quarantine, I am really starting to miss traveling along the backroads, to out-of-the-way places, like this:

Mogollon, New Mexico, 1940

   This is now a ghost town, north of Silver City, New Mexico, up in the Gila Reserve. It is the final home of Billy the Kid's stepfather, William Antrim. My good friends Lou and Tara Jones have a cabin up the draw from this photo and they gifted me a piece of wood off of Antrim's outhouse (his property was adjacent to their cabin) which they turned into a plaque, which hangs outside my front door.

Our front door

   That slice of outhouse wood, hanging on the left has a plaque on it, and when you come visit me you can read it for yourself. The grumpy lizard head on the right is by Chuck Weaver and it always makes me smile.

"You can go anywhere when you're somebody else."
—Mark Spoelstra, musing on the power of Bob Dylan in "No Direction Home," a fine 2005 documentary by Martin Scorsese, on Robert Allen Zimmerman, streaming on Netflix

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