Friday, July 17, 2020

Fat Headed Saguaros And Other Desert Grooviness

July 17, 2020
   Kathy and I got up early this morning and drove down to Tempe to play some pick-up basketball with Bob Dylan.

   Actually, we did drive by the location of Dylan's old house on Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Drive. There's a bank there now, and the house is gone, but I looked at the corner with new eyes. It is a very hipster neighborhood.

   We were specifically on our way to Desert Botanical Gardens to get inspired about reseeding our burned yard.

Linda Ronstadt, age 4, under a mesquite tree

   Couldn't resist. A wonderful photo of a very pretty little vaquero, near her home in Tucson, in 1950. We do have several mesquite trees that survived and Kathy really wants to get a bench and do this concept.

   Kathy also really likes this plant.

   Meanwhile, I want this in our reseeded yard.

   A handmade ramada with a Papago pot holder. We already have the pot!

   We probably won't be getting one of these, however:

   This is a cristate, or "crested" saguaro. These fat-headed saguaros are created when the cells begin to mutate outwards, rather than in the circular pattern of a normal cactus. They are quite rare and I doubt I will be able to buy one, although I think they are funky groovy.

   And, finally, I have always wanted an ocotillo fence and thanks to Allie Baker, I'm going to get one!

   A live ocotillo fence. Individual spines are planted in the ground, and then meshed close together to create a very effective fence to keep out critters and meth-heads.

"It was so cold you couldn't be bad."
—Bob Dylan describing Hibbing, Minnesota

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