Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Billy the Cat And Other Ridiculous Truths

 September 29, 2020

   Proof that interest in Billy the Kid is far from over.

   Love the comments from our readers:

"Well that explains the whole litter box thing."

—Jim Huff

"I'll keep an open mind , but I'm going to have to see some provenance on these new feline tintypes before I'm totally convinced."

—Ronnie Watkins

   Meanwhile, on a related note, I have been curious to see the reaction to some of the oral history regarding the Kid. For example, the great-great grandson of Emil Fritz, whose insurance policy set in motion the Lincoln County War, claimed the Kid "wet the bed" when he stayed at the Fritz ranch. And while the National Enquirer once wondered: "Was Billy the Kid actually a girl?" Jesus Silva, who helped bury the Kid, claimed Billy, in fact, dressed up like a girl to avoid capture.

   To steal a phrase from Errol Morris, we are in a "wilderness of unreliable narrators." What is it about memory and after-the-fact interviews that always seem to slander the truth? And why do most remembrances almost always seem to veer off into ridiculousness? Perhaps some of it is just the fact that everyone in this world is about half right. 

   Or, is it the truth and we just don't want to believe it?

Daily Whip Out: "Billy Wets The Bed"

   How's this for a rollout header: Just what the world needs right now, a cross-dressing, bed wetter.

"The truth brings no man a fortune."


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