Thursday, September 10, 2020

Plan de Wellton

 September 10, 2020

     Here's how we ended up in Wellton last night. For grins, Kathy put in our route from Mission Beach to our home in Cave Creek and then asked Google Maps what the half-way point would be and it turned out to be Wellton, Arizona, which is about 35 miles east of Yuma. So then she Googled out-of-the-way places to stay and, well, we ended up here.

Wellton Sunrise

   And, here's the view looking the other way.

Room #1 at The Desert Motel in Wellton

   In the Mexican Revolution Francisco Madero came up with his Plan de San Luis, giving specific goals to take back Mexico from the dictator Porfirio Diaz. Feeling betrayed by Madero, Emiliano Zapata came up with his counter plan, which he called Plan de Ayela. And, then Carranza had his Plan of Guadalupe.

   So, in that spirit, Kathy and I came to Wellton to work on our own plan.

The Three Provisions of Plan de Wellton

1. Our relationship is the most important thing.

2. Balance the vibrations of the desert with the waves of the ocean.

3. The goal is joy. Find the joy every day.

Covid Lessons Learned, So Far:

"Everyone who is more cautious than you seems insane, and everyone slightly less cautious seems reckless."

—Susan Mathews

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