Friday, April 23, 2021

Even More Lurid Confessions of A Honkytonk Drummer

 April 23, 2021

   Just when you thought I couldn't go any lower.

Even More Lurid Confessions

of A Honkytonk Drummer

   For many a weekend night, I viewed the smoky honkytonk world from behind a Ludwig drum kit, looking at the butts and behinds (no, that is not redundant) of the gitpickers and goobers of that strange and peculiar world where heartache meets a paycheck. 

   I must say I saw some pretty lurid scenes (both on the stage and on the dancefloor), some of which made it into my drawings, like this series of scenes inspired from my nights at the Hayloft Bar, from the original Honkytonk Sue comic strip that ran in The National Lampoon in the summer of 1977.

Daily Whip Out: "Hayloft POV"

   And, of course, what went on inside the Hayloft Bar could not hold a candle to what went on in the parking lot.

Public Service Announcement

"How to Get Pregnant"

by BBB, Low Blows, 1986

"Sreaming out 'BOOM PREGNANT!' during sex is never as funny as you might think it will be."

—Old Virgin Saying

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