Friday, April 30, 2021

How Many Women Is Too Many for The Cover of Women of The Wild West?

 April 30, 2021

   I believe I have enough individual coverage of the most famous women in the Old West for a decent book cover, but which ones do I use? And how many should I composite, all together? That is my creative question for today.

A Quick Inventory of Available Images

  Well, for one thing, it probably wouldn't hurt to have a famous Mexican Mamacita front and center.

Daily Whip Out: "Las Tules"

   Or, I couldn't go wrong to include a famous female who consorted with outlaws, you know, the one with the crazy, cool name.

Daily Whip Out: "Etta Place"

   Or, even a famous captivo who perhaps did not want to be "rescued."

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"Olive In Shadow"

   And, of course, a certain Apache warrior would definitely be a must.

Daily Whip Out: "Lozen"

   And, naturally, we need to keep it diverse, thus, this fine figured woman.

Daily Whip Out: "Zulu Bandita"

   And, we need coverage of the Wild West Shows and Rodeo Arena performers. . .

Daily Whip Out: "Vera McGinnis Rides High"

Oh, and we can't forget this little criminal.

Daily Whip Out: "Pearl Hart"

   Okay, who am I missing? Ooops. Can't forget the hatchet lady.

Daily Whip Out: "Carry Nation"

Daily Whip Out:

"The Nude Duel That Will Not Die"

   Oh, and then there's the cigar smoking entertainer who left an estate worth $4 million dollars.

Lotta Crabtree

   Now, how do we composite all of these fine looking women onto one canvas and make a compelling cover out of it? My first reaction is, it can't be done because it'll be too crowded. And my worst fear is, it will look like a bad, high school annual, with postage stamp faces.

   But then I remembered a certain album cover back in the day. 

   True it was crowded and bit too much. But, it couldn't have been any cooler—and it still is!

   I just noticed this, but isn't that Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan) between Ringo and Paul? And did you know, Shirley Temple is in there twice? I know, I know, I'm slow. Give me a break, it's only been 54 years!

   Rough sketches tomorrow, plus all the women I left out, like Sakajawea and Annie Oaklley and, the list goes on and on. . .

"So let me introduce to you, the act you've known for all these years. . ."

—The Beatles, title track, Sgt. Peppers 

Bonus Quote:

"Go to the net, or stay behind the baseline. Don't get caught in the middle."

—Old Tennis Coach Saying

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