Saturday, May 07, 2022

Classic Philosophical Questions And Classic Cowgirl Profiles

 May 7, 2022

      Got a bug up my butt, as I'm oft to do. Got this sweet little silhouette portrait of a cowgirl in my head and I can just see it.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:

"Classic Cowgirl Profile"

   Of course, I was inspired by this sweet image.

Elsa Dutton from "1883"

   We are pushing it to finish our "Real Women of the Wild West" book this summer.

Are Drivers Getting Crazier Day by Day?

   It seems like every time I have to go into town, the drivers get worse. Two days ago I dropped Uno off at Doggy Daycare in Carefree and came around the backside of Bashas' when this crazy kid in a banged-up Hyuandi came careening out of a side street, without even stopping, and turned right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and laid on the horn, but of course, the little twit ignored me and sped on.

Somehow I resemble This Remark

   There's 7.5 billion people on earth and somehow I'm the best driver?

Local Tooter Hits 42

   This little Tooter sitting on the doorstep of our Cholla Bay rental beach house turns 42 today. 

   Like her mother, she is a total beach person, as you can see here in this photo from 1982. Happy Birthday Deena C.!

History Is A Moving Target

   Here's a shocker to some of my friends: there is no liberal world order and there are very few solid rules without someone to enforce them. We have this idea that the arc of history bends towards progress and justice, but it's actually only as good as each generation is at duking it out, over and over again. The historian Anne Applebaum puts it even more bluntly: "There is no arc of history, nothing inevitable about either democracy or dictatorship. what happens tomorrow depends on what all of us do today." So, when Roe vs. Wade goes down, and it will, there will be another fight, and then another. Same with democracy. It has to be fought over every single day and it doesn't help any that most of the institutions designed to support it are passe or in decline. And that would be service groups (think Rotary, Soroptimists)

   Still, in my tribe, whoever gets closest to the current truth, wins.

"True West is True North, first with the truth and the American Way."
—Scott O'Connor

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