Sunday, May 01, 2022

Does The Crow In The Crow's Nest Know It's A Crow's Nest?

 May 1, 2022

Thanks to the architect Perry Nathan Becker, I have a crow's nest upstairs in my art studio and this morning I caught this fat boy rocking it, or, is he mocking it?

A Big, Fat Crow Perched In The Crow's Nest

  I guess my question is, does the crow in the crow's nest know it's a crow's nest? Is he, in fact, crowing about it? Or, does he have nothing to crow about? Kind of amazing how much of our popular slang kowtows to the crow, doesn't it? Hmmmm, or, should that be Caahhhh?

Daily Whip Out: "Juni's Crow"

This artwork will be the cover of her forthcoming second edition of "Girls From Centro."

“Crows are more sincere than they look, you know.”
― Aki

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