Friday, May 06, 2022

Marshall Under The Knife Yesterday

 May 6, 2022

   This guy and I go way back. Both of us grew up on Route 66 where we both pumped gas and we both loved playing baseball and studying Old West history. Here he is back in 1942 wearing his daddy's boots and ready for war.

Marshall Trimble, 1942

   And here is Marshall with his beautiful wife Vanessa, with me at the 2015 True Westerner Award presentation at White Stallion Guest Ranch outside Marana, Arizona.

2015 True Westerner Award winner

   He is just the best. He had some serious surgery yesterday and this is how he told us:

"I'll be singing, When they operated on Daddy they opened up Mama's male."
—Marshall Trimble

   Here is an update:

   "It turns out the aneurysm was larger than they thought. The size of an adult heart. The surgery took an extra hour, the walls of the aorta had thinned quite a bit so they had to do quite a bit of repair. The doctor and nurse said it was a rare and complex case. It could have ruptured at any time. He is in good spirits and very thankful to the ER Doc who found it and basically saved his life. They may let him go home tomorrow! Please pass this on to the True West Team. Thanks Bob!"

"I spent so many years in the fourth grade they gave me tenure."

—Marshall Trimble

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