Monday, May 16, 2022

Olive Oatman Post Orgasm

 May 16, 2022

   Oh, man, this new AI-techno-moving-faces stuff is getting a tad weird. This is from a video Bradley Ross sent me. Kind of creepy and kind of amazing all at the same time. Looks kind of demented to me.

Olive Oatman Post Orgasm

   Creepy because it's seemless and quite believable. Check it out for yourself. What do you think?

   I know where this is going and it's not going to be pretty. Or, maybe it will be too pretty. Full length movies utilizing and building on old real photos and putting them in outrageous situations. Dang!

Deena Bean On SNL?

If you watched Saturday Night Live last weekend you perhaps saw the Steve Martin bit where his girlfriend, "Dina Bean," is tortured by hand buzzers and eye socket removal and all of the kitschy 1950s gizmo toys writ large and ridiculous. Kathy and I did a double take the first time he called his girlfriend "Dina Bean" and later I realized his girlfriend is played by Aidy Bryant who is from Phoenix! In fact, according to one source, her mother still has a boutique store here. Could it be one of them saw this blog post and thought the name was funny?

   Probably not, but still, that's pretty coincidental, no?

"Women are the real architects of society."



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