Sunday, May 29, 2022

Uno On The Creek, La Gata at Barrio Queen And Tunstall at The Cliff House

 May 29, 2022

   Took the day off yesterday and went down to the creek for some R&R. Uno wanted to join three ducks (see, at far right) and play a little bit, but they took off before he could get to them. 

The Duck Hunter

   Nice day. Very relaxing. Haven't done this in a while.

   Had lunch with my model for La Gata (The Mexican Cat) last Wednesday at Barrio Queen down at Desert Ridge.

The Real La Gata: Jeanne Sedello

   We had a lot of catching up to do. We did a radio show many moons ago and her laugh is still the best in the biz. That would be The Jones, Boze & Jeanne Show on KSLX FM, which ran from 1986 to 1994. Today she is a Mexican Rental Property Tycoon. Love the girl.

   Went for a walk this morning and ran into a candidate for city council.

The Candidate

   I actually admire anyone who volunteers for the abuse they all endure from people like me. A vote for Tom Augherton is a vote for the future of Cave Creek, if you ask me.

A Blast From The Past

   Several times, during the 1980s and 90s, I experiened the second—or, could it have been the third?—iteration of the legendary Cliff House in San Francisco. But today, even that is gone.

Cliff House Honey

   The views are stunning, the food was always very good, but something lapsed or faded, perhaps interest in that idea of a tourist restaurant? It always amazed me that John Henry Tunstall ate at the Cliff House in 1876 before his ill-fated journey to New Mexico seeking new land and challenges. It cost him his life (the trip not the food) and started the Lincoln County War. I thought of him every time I ate there, which was probably six or seven times.

   Speaking of the Lincoln County War and Billy the Kid, this old street fighter paid me a visit on Thursday with this two sons.

Steve Randolph: "Try the sea bass"

   Steve asked me what ever happened to Buckeye Blake's wonderful Billy the Kid sarcophagus he proposed for the Kid's grave in Fort Sumner and I told him local politics shot it down but that perhaps True West should jump on the band wagon and help Buckeye make another run at it. It is so cool.

Buckeye Blake's Cool Kid Sarcophagus

   I wonder what the Kid might say about the demise of the Cliff House and a new sarcophagus for his grave?

"There's no money in it."

—Billy the Kid

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