Sunday, May 08, 2022

Laughing Uno And Quatro Lottas

 May 8, 2022

   It's Mother's Day, so naturally I asked the mother of my children to help me pose a certain dog with some newly framed paintings.

"Uno Y Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro Lottas"

   We had Guzal at Art & Custom Frames down in Scottsdale Airpark frame all four of my Lotta Crabtrees I did for the Real Women of The Wild West book and here they are lined up in the breezeway. I shot a couple and I call this next one 

"Laughing Uno And Quatro Lottas." 

   Speaking of attractive mothers, here's one back in the day.

Vogue model Maye Haldeman

   And here she is today.

Maye Musk

"Wanna feel old like me? Elon Musk's mother is 16 months younger than I am."


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