Friday, May 20, 2022

Crazy Chase • Crazy Cover • Crazy Horse

 May 20, 2022

   It's been a crazy chase, but I think we finally have a winner for our Crazy Horse cover in the next issue:

Crazy Horse Cover #2

   To give credit where credit is due, our publisher, Ken Amorosano, suggested we do this second pass at the cover making the case that the first one, below, was a little too fire engine red and he didn't like the arrow going over the masthead, and behind the top head.

Crazy Horse Cover #1

   I did like the lightning bolt in the first layout. And I do miss the arrow which now doesn't appear at all, but either way, both covers are excellent and I think the top one is a tad more Old West photo looking which should work for us on the newsstand.

   Thanks Dan The Man for going the extra mile.

"Heroes have a rough time because they stand up when they ought not to, they speak when they ought not to; they always go the extra mile."

—George Foreman

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  1. Great cover! Really like your take on Crazy Horse. He had a friend Touch the Clouds who was supposed to be close to 7ft tall - there is a great picture of him, but not much ever written about him. I don't know that he was at Little Bighorn Battle but he was with CH when he died. Maybe the mental image of a 7ft warrior chasing down soldiers will spark your artistic imagination (I wonder how fast a soldier can run in Calvary boots?)


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