Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010
As forecast, today is a scorcher, 111 degrees in The Beast, and, at 4:05 p.m. it's 99.5 on our back porch. Took Gold Lady's advice and froze a water bottle overnight, then put it in the chicken house for the hot hens to roost on and cool off. Remember Woody Allen in that scene in Sleeper where he hogs the orgasmatron? Yeh, the chickens looked like that. Also sprayed their living room several times with water to simulate a mister. This, they didn't like and I'd say they were madder than wet hens but that's so old.

Kathy is in LA with Deena finding a place to live for our daughter's job transfer at the end of the month. They're excited, they love this kind of thing. Meanwhile, Tomas and his girlfriend Patara came out last night and we went to Bryan's Bar-b-que in Cave Creek for dinner (dad bought). Fun laughing and comparing notes with them. Came back to the house and watched Mulholland Drive on cable. I had seen it, but wanted to see if David Lynch made more sense the second time around. At about the hour mark I went to bed. Talked to Tomas this morning and asked him what he thought and he said, "Didn't make a whole lot of sense but Naomi Watts sure has nice breasts." Really? I forgot that part. How many times did you see 'em? "Twice," T. Charles replied, adding as he shook his head slowly, "Nice. Really nice."

This passes for intellectual discussion among the males in our house.

The secret to writing for TV, according to Peter Martin (Two And A Half Men): "You have to keep a ukulele on your desk when you write sitcoms. It's important so people respect you."

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