Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010
Spent all day scanning and working on scratchboards for upcoming Graphic Cinema pieces. Some you have seen, like this one of Mickey Free dumping two heads on Captain Pearce's table at San Carlos:

That is Remington's fave Lt. at left. Lots of atmosphere in this one. Here is a cave sequence with the Apache Kid arriving at dusk:

And here is the Kid with his captive maiden sitting at the campfire in the same cave:

A subtle sequence to be sure, but it should play just fine.

And here's a color image I tweaked at lunchtime of Mickey riding across the plains:

Time to call it quits and go eat some mole with my son, his girlfriend and Kathy at The Conky Donk. And, that ain't no lie.

"If a thing is absolutely true, how can it not also be a lie? An absolute must contain its opposite."
—Charlotte Painter

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