Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010
We need you to fill out our 2010 Best of the West Survey so we can award the right people. Here's where you go to vote. If you fill it out you will automatically be in a drawing to win a BBB original (please make sure to vote for more than one category to qualify).

This is a black and white ink illustration (pre-scratchboard) from my Doc Holliday book on the O.K. Corral fight:

This portrays the moment when Virgil is hit in the calf of his left leg, drops the cane as he crumples to the ground. That's his brother, Wyatt, in the background taking aim at Frank McLaury. I want this image to go to a deserving home, so fill out the survey today.

I hope you win it, and remember: I always stand behind my work.

"I absolutely guarantee that someday this artwork will be worth the price you paid for it."

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