Monday, September 27, 2010

Get Low & Mas Brujas (Warning: Nudity Ahead)

September 27, 2010
Saw Get Low this weekend and really enjoyed it. Not great but good characters and Bill Murray is a joy. Funny that he's still going strong in the movies and his arch rival, Chevy Chase, is relegated to a fringe tv sitcom. Ah, how the world turns, no?

Spent most of Saturday and Sunday noodling more Babes and Brujas. Here are a page of sketches from Saturday morning:

Did this little study of a Tarahumara witch in the afternoon:

Or, maybe she's Mojave (facial tattoos). Had fun with this witch yesterday:

Like the smoky interior idea, and the floating skull behind her. Here's a more Nordic witch (the ex-Mrs. Tiger Woods version?):

And another, more Latina model witch:

Of course there are more, but enough for one post, no?

"That's the last time I grab a rattlesnake with my left hand."
—Kaolin Cummins, Cave Creek legend and right-handed snake handler

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