Tuesday, September 07, 2010

September 7, 2010
Excellent weekend, mostly spent laboring at home, although we did go down into the Beast to visit Tommy and his main squeeze on Saturday. He took us to a new Mexican restaurant (Gallo Blanco) and we went to see the movie Inception. Not my bag. People sleeping and having adventures in their head. Ever since Total Recall and The Matrix and Avatar, this dream within a dream scheme has been overdone in my book. Seems silly to me. Everyone else raved about it, including Kathy.

Worked on several pieces of art, including this little scratchboard, sketched off the TV screen from a freeze-frame from the TCM showing of Pancho Villa Y La Valentina (1960). Great vaquero costuming.

Also finished a Tom Horn talking piece:

Pulled this out of my failure pile. Robert Ray and I are going to do a video of my various dump files so you can see for yourself, the massive amount of junk I wade through every day.

Lost In Translation?
"Although your hair is like wax, I don't want to ride like that."
—A song lyric from Pancho Villa Y La Valentina

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