Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Surviving A Career In Media

September 2, 2015
   Drove up to Flagstaff last night for a class lecture at NAU (Northern Arizona University). Had the thrilling experience of seeing my car thermometer plummet from 100 to 76 degrees. Can't tell you how exciting that is considering the month we just survived. Here's the cloud world outside my window on the trip up the hill:

Clouds to the south of Orme School Ranch

   Went home for lunch yesterday and did a rough sketch of a media friend:
 Daily Whip Out: "Dapper Dan The Newspaper Man."

   Landed at the student run hotel on the north edge of campus and had a very nice fourth floor suite looking out on this view:

NAU room #425 with a view of Flagstaff and old Route 66

   This morning I spoke to two classes of 98 kids taking the course Introduction to Journalism:


   Both classes were really fun and the kids laughed at all my foibles and perhaps even got some decent advice out of my crazy stories, from the founding of the Razz, to New Times, to KSLX to Playboy, National Lampoon and to True West. I wanted to give them a taste for the ups and downs, the humiliation and the glory of media in all its forms.

Of course I had to sing "The Life And Legend of Wyatt Earp" theme song and the teacher Martin Sommerness helped me.

 Afterwards I got to look in on an art class and I was quite impressed with their methodology:  you can't really paint a nude model unless you are nude yourself.  I tried to join them but they wouldn't allow me to keep my cowboy hat on.

"For everything you will gain you will lose something, and for everything you lose you will gain something."
—BBB with all his clothes still on

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