Friday, August 26, 2016

Sunrise In The West?

August 26, 2017
   Got hit with a storm overnight and I woke up several times with the sound of heavy rain hammering our flat roof. The good news is I got up this morning and it was nice and cool out (66 degrees in August!). Headed out and the first thing I did was look to the east to see what kind of sunrise we were going to have, but all I saw was a wall of blue clouds without any pink cracks shaping up. I didn't think much of it, until I happened to look to the west and saw this:

Sunrise In The West?

Yes, this is looking west at the Seven Sisters (a mountain range west of our house). Obviously a phenomenon of sunrise light ping ponging across the sky? I've lived on the desert for 60 years and I've never experienced this. Must have a name, but I've never heard of one. As I walked on, taking in the cool breeze, I began to scan the sky in all directions and here is the view to the south:

Pink Panorama In The South!

Actually wondered if I was stoned. Full confession: the last time I remember being stoned was in 1972 (key word "remember.") Up on Morningtstar the rain clouds were moving quickly and I caught this turbulence in the sky overhead:

Sunrise Turbulence Over Morningstar

I got back to the house before the rain arrived, and when it finally did hit it was a gentle "female" rain, as those sexist Navajos like to put it.

"Baby The Rain Must Fall."
—Glenn Yarbrough

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