Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wild Bill Advances Final

August 24, 2016
   This morning, I did something I've never done before. I rushed to finish the Wild Bill cover concept, finishing at around 9:15 and drove into work to have it scanned. As I drove and looked at it drying in the passenger seat, I began to get sick to my stomach with the realization that I had pushed it too far. My last minute swirls of smoke killed the spontenaity of the original and I decided to not scan it but wait for lunch to give it another go. During numerous meetings, I kept glancing at it, trying to figure out how to save it. Here is the mush version:

"Wild Bill Mush"

   At lunchtime, I washed out the swirls and gave it one more pass on the weak areas: left side of face, hair, sash, fingers, gun barrel and the pistol in his left hand. Finished at two and brought it back to the office.

"Wild Bill Advances"

Ended up with a different facial expression, although it more accurately portrays how Mrs. Buffalo Bill described him when they met at a dance:

 Wild Bill was a "mild-apprearing, somewhat sad-faced man," who "bent low in a courtly bow." 
—Louisa Fredericii Cody

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