Tuesday, August 02, 2016

We Left Slaughter's at First Light

August 2, 2016
   Went home for lunch and worked on a transition piece for the Mickey Free story. Need coverage for when Jim Young describes the journey into Mexico with Tom Horn.

Daily Whip Out: "We Left Slaughter's at First Light."

   I'm working on blends and transitions, for example, the sky with the morning pink glow. Works pretty good if you have a fan brush. I originally intended for the two riders to be in full, black silhouette, but as I washed in their forms, I cut it back a couple notches to allow some detail to show through. Love the pink on the horse's neck. Total accident. Sometimes I wonder if this whole Mickey Free graphic novel business is really just an excuse to do exotic scenes by utilizing flights of visual invention? Which is why I related totally to a review in the weekend New York Times:

"The story is less the point than an excuse, a loose temporal conceit holding together flights of visual invention, verbal extravagance and male and female nudity."
—A.O. Scott, reviewing "On The Silver Globe" by the late Polish director Andrej Zulawski

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