Tuesday, September 20, 2016

AC Cobra And Buffalo Chip Dumpster Fire

September 20, 2016
   I always wanted an AC Cobra when I was a young man, so when I saw one available for my grandson Weston, I snapped it up. Only cost $1 dollar, but it was a short ride, and then it died. Kind of sad, but at least he got to ride in one for two minutes.

Spring Little Cobra Are You Ready to Run?!

   Besides, at home he has a nice, little ride that never ends:

Weston: "They went that-away!"

Flew home on Monday and got into the office early to work on the December issue. Had a good meeting with the staff about a variety of features in the works. Changed direction on the cover and we just may opt for this guy:

Hugh O'Brian

   Sold another O.K. Corral painting and took it up to UPS to ship at lunch time. Treated Carole Glenn to lunch at China Joy, then on the way back to the True West World Headquarters we were passed by a fired truck and saw that it was answering a call at the Buffalo Chip:

Dumpster fire at the construction site of the new Buffalo Chip.

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."
—H.G. Wells

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